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Over 100 types of packaging lines according to the customer's requirements. Packaging lines for food, chemical, medical, construction and light industries. The type and size of the package, weight, consistency and shape of the packaged product, additional functions and packaging speed depend on the customer's technical specifications.

Packaging equipment for food and industrial chemicals


1. Fully automatic line for packing chips and popcorn. Packing speed 5-60 packs/min. Packing length: 80-300 mm, width: 60-200 mm. Main functions: disinfection, drying, packaging, filling, weighing, sealing, packaging container forming, printing and labeling.

2. Automatic packaging of all types of grains and granules. Packing speed 5-60 packs/min. Package length: 80-300 mm, width: 60-200 mm, volume 2000 ml. Regulation of the shape, size and material of the packaging depending on the requirements of the customer.

3. Equipment for filling and packaging of juices, oils, sauces, washing liquids, as well as packaging of bulk products, such as salt, nuts, biscuits, in vertical packaging. Packing speed 16-60 packs/min; package length: 60-200 / 80-250, width: 100-350 mm.

4. Fully automatic packaging line for chocolate bars and other blocky desserts. Packing speed 50 – 1200 packs / minute. The shape and size of the package depending on the requirements of the customer.

Filling and packaging equipment for fasteners and furniture fittings


More than 50 types of packaging machines for bolts, nuts, screws, nails, fasteners, construction and furniture fittings. Packing in plastic bags, plastic and cardboard boxes. Various types of packaging: from several parts up to 25 kg per package.

The presence of various functions for the choice of the client - counting and sorting parts, weighing with an accuracy of 0.01 gr., Conveyor, printing and labeling. Packing speed and size depend on customer requirements.

Filling equipment for nails, screws, nuts, constructors, buttons


1.Equipment for packaging of the same type of screws and nuts in cardboard boxes. Packing weight 5-25 kg, packing speed: 3-5 boxes per minute. Packaging equipment size: 9000mm (L) * 2000mm (W) * 2600mm (H).

2. Equipment for packaging a large number of the same type of bolts / nails in plastic packaging. Number of pieces per pack 1-5000 pieces; package size: 30-300mm; maximum weight per package: 5 kg; packing speed: 6-8 packs/min.

3. Counting and packaging machine for constructors, buttons and other details. Packing speed 10-70 packs/min. Packing size is customizable. Possibility of packaging parts of the same or different types per package.

4. Equipment for sorting and packaging furniture fittings. Counting and distribution of a certain number of parts of each type per package. Packing 1-30 kinds of parts per pack; 1-20 pieces per pack. Packing speed 5-40 packs/min.

Pill Blister Packing, Capsule Filling, Medicine Filling Machine


1. Blister packaging machine for tablets in blister packs made of aluminum or plastic. Packing speed 4200 pieces / hour. The shape of the cells and blister, depending on the requirements of the customer.

2. Capsule filling machine. Capsules are available in various shapes and sizes. Filling speed 228,000 pieces/min.

3. Fully automatic filling machine for tablets and capsules. Suitable for product size 3-25mm; 99.8% capacity filling accuracy. Packing speed 15-35 containers / minute.

4. Packing machine for packing containers with medicines in cardboard boxes. Packing speed: 30-100 boxes/minute. Box dimensions: (80-250) *(40-160)*(15-90)mm.

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