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Equipment for the production of

different types of corrugated pipes

  • Double-walled corrugated pipes 110-250 mm

  • Double-walled corrugated pipes with vertical flaring 200 - 800 mm

  • Double-walled drainage pipes 50-110 mm

  • Double-walled corrugated pipes with horizontal expansion 200 - 500 mm

Equipment for the production of double-walled corrugated pipes with horizontal expansion diameter of 200 - 500 mm


Double wall corrugated pipe production equipment (inner diameter Φ 200-500mm) is equipped with two single screw extruders. Dual channel structure, nitride polishing head; horizontal forming press mold, chain drive, advanced water cooling system, vacuum forming, automatic lubrication system, double-wall operational flaring.

The inner and outer layers of the corrugated pipe are independently supplied by two extruders, which can produce pipes of various colors and different raw materials for the inner and outer layers.

Equipment for the production of HDPE and PP pipes; the inner wall is smooth, the outer wall has a trapezoidal corrugation. Unlike ordinary plastic pipes, it has higher corrosion resistance, high insulation level, low resistance.

The double-walled corrugated pipe is usually connected with a socket and a sealing ring, which effectively prevents expansion and contraction when heated and cooled. These pipes are widely used in highways, railway tracks, subway construction, waste dumps, tunnels, green areas, sports fields and other areas that require drainage due to high levels of moisture.


Extruder: double channel, nitride polishing head, the special design of which allows the production of pipes from different materials and different ring stiffness. The special structure of the mold ensures uniform and stable molding of the inner and outer wall thickness.

The chain-driven horizontal bellows mold is equipped with an open water cooling system and a vacuum forming system, which ensures high speed and continuous production. The online flaring function greatly improves efficiency and reduces production costs.

Matrix mold for corrugated pipes is made of alloyed material; has extremely high precision, strength, wear resistance and heat dissipation. The advanced die module quick change system greatly reduces the time to change the die module. Molding dies with various waveforms can be designed according to customer requirements.

The production line control system is provided by the system of the German manufacturer Siemens; large touch screen, high degree of automation, reliable and easy to operate.


Equipment for the production of double-walled corrugated pipes with a diameter of

110-250 mm / 50-110 mm


Fully automated production line with computer control (Ø50-Ø110 mm). A single screw extruder can be installed for the production of HDPE pipes. For the production of PVC pipes, you can choose a conical twin screw extruder. Matrix blocks are easily replaced, there is a corrugator, air or water cooling systems.

Pipes for rain and waste water, drainage and downpipes, pipeline for transportation, protective pipe for optical cable and electric wires, protective pipe for plumbing cables and heating systems.


• Mold structure: horizontal
• Materials: HDPE/PP/PVC
• Pipe diameter range: 110-250mm / 50-110mm
• Production capacity: 300 kg / hour / 200 kg / hour

• Flare shape: double wall live flare / no flare
• Forming speed: 0.5-5m/min
• Central height: 1100mm
• Number of modules: 58 pairs / 50 pairs

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